Be serious about your job search, we are!

The design industry is changing rapidly but the recruitment process has not changed seriously over the past couple of years. CPHUX has gained unique insights on how companies hire and select talents after having co-created 25+ UX Meet & Greets.

We have been in dialogue with a lot of companies who have been looking for new employees, and they have told us what they look for when hiring. We have turned all of this research into the Talent Academy! The program is a compilation of what we know should be in check when you are looking for a job.

The Talent Academy = 7 modules

The Talent Academy consists of modules to bring flexibility for you.

You don’t need to participate in the modules in chronological order, but some modules work better if you’ve participated in other modules.

However, you need to go to Module 1 to get started with the rest of the modules, which is why Module 1 is hosted more frequently.

The modules are “more or less” every other Monday evening (5pm till 10pm), aimed for the people studying or working, and every Wednesday day (10am till 3pm).

Module overview

MODULE 1 / / Define your design profile / /
Do you struggle to explain what type of designer you are? What UX is? In this module, you will learn how to describe your profile in a way non-designers can comprehend. You will look at your own strengths and where you should focus your energy.

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MODULE 2 / / Job post + Analysis = Cover Letter / /
You’ll learn to analyse a job post so that you can write a job application that is spot on. Let the employer feel that you are applying for THAT job, not just a job...

1. You need to bring a job post you will work with.
2. You need a one-liner which describes you as a professional
One finished job application which matches your selected job post

7 Aug 10am // order now!
16 Sep 5pm // order now!
23 Oct 10am // order now!

MODULE 3 / / Tailored CV / /
In this module You will need to work with your baseline CV. Based on your selected job post, you will narrow down your most relevant experience and build your CV from that.

1. Start filling out the baseline CV that you receive by email once you have signed up for the module.
2. You need to bring a job post you will work with, or the one you used in Module 2 (if you participated)
3. Find 1 or 2 CVs online, which you think are outstanding content-wise.
One finished tailored CV which matches your selected job post

14 Aug 10am // order now!
18 Sep 10am // order now!
7 Oct 5pm // order now!

MODULE 4 / / Match your portfolio to your profile / /
Portfolios should look different depending on your design profile. Which format should you select to display your work? We will analyse other portfolios, and based on this, you will outline a structure for your own portfolio.

1. Select two projects you want to work with in your portfolio (if you currently do not have any projects, do not be discouraged. We will cover what you can do then.)
2. Bring 1 online portfolio, which you think is outstanding content-wise.
Your two selected projects in a portfolio format.

19 Aug 5pm // order now!
25 Sep 10am // order now!
13 Nov 10am // order now!

MODULE 5 / / Personal Branding / /
How are you visually presenting yourself? You will work with how you communicate your profile and how you can ensure your material looks cohesive.

Module 2, 3 & 4
You need a one-liner which describes you as a professional
Show that your CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Portfolio etc.

28 Aug 10am // order now!
2 Oct 10am // order now!
18 Nov 5pm // order now!

MODULE 6 / / Preparing for the job interview / /
You want to bring your A game, but how do you avoid being perceived wrongfully? We will help you avoid the classic mistakes because recruiters truly judge everything. We will also cover salary negotiation so you do not undersell yourself.

2 Sep 5pm // order now!
30 Oct 10am // order now!
27 Nov 10am // order now!

MODULE 7 / / Networking with confidence / /
Networking can be a nasty thing if done wrong. We will teach you how to network in a professional fashion as well as being true to yourself. We will also cover how to network on LinkedIn and with email.

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2 Dec 5pm // order now!

How does the Talent Academy Work?

Hand ins works like this…

After the module, you will have to take your learnings and put them into play. We do not set a time limit on when you have to deliver your hand-ins, but they need to be approved by us for you to become a Certified Talent. We need to see that what you have learned from the modules is being put into good use. Once you have been certified, we will send your material to employers. Therefore, we need to make sure your material is top quality.

So how much is the Talent Academy?

Module 1 is always for free so you can get a sense of what you are getting into.

Each module thereafter is 499 DKK.

If you go all in for the entire Talent Academy, you get all 7 modules for 1999 DKK, and
Once you’ve paid the full amount you can choose the “All IN TALENT" ticket.

You can choose to select specific modules but you need to complete all 7 to become a Certified Talent and get the benefits from that.

Each week you are participating in a module you will also have free access to come and work in our co-working space for free.

How do I pay?

Payment Options
1. MobilePay to 6017 1009 (Helena Levison)
2. Bank account transfer to Reg 5497 Account 0001494940
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on

Why should I care about becoming a Certified Talent?

Once you have completed all 7 modules, and handed in all your material, from modules like CV, Cover Letter and Portfolio, you will have to hand in the finished material as a part of the certification. Once the material has been approved, you will become a Certified talent!

Once you’ve been certified, you get on-going invitations to go to our Talent Industry Networking Events. This event is hosted twice a year. We invite industry people in to meet our talents and network. It is a casual event where our talents can meet industry people in a casual fashion and companies can scout for their next talent.

We also display Certified Talents who are actively job hunting on our website so employers can reach out to them.

Is the Talent Academy for me?

The Talent Academy is targeted towards people who have a digital design education. Wheather you have an AD, BA, MA, online certification, or are self taught (etc), doesn't matter to us. What does matter is that you have an in-depth understanding of digital design because we will not cover this. We don’t do educational discrimination, so if you’ve studied Service Design, Design and Innovation, Communication Design etc, you are welcome. As long as you have a methodical approach to designing products or services for the users, then we’re in the same boat.

Who will be teaching the Talent Academy

We are honored to see Helena Levison, the founder of CPHUX and Community Lead, run the Talent Academy. She ran the first Talent Academy back in November 2018 with great success. She has facilitated 25+ UX Meet & Greets, where companies have explained what they look for when hiring new talents.

She facilitated panels like; ‘The reality of being a UX'er in an agency’ and ‘How to get that awesome job’. She has done countless talks on what UX is, facilitating her process of figuring out how to communicate what UX is and and what type of designer you can be. She has developed the “4 Mindssets of UX” model. This model has been the foundation of her work on the Job Matching platform she has been developing with her team.

She is looking forward to meeting you and assist you in getting your dream job!

Financial Technicalities


MODULE 1 / / Define your design profile / / is free to attend and is recommended before you attend the rest of the Talent Academy.
However you must pay a NO-SHOW FEE of 100 DKK if you do not show up without notice to Module 1.

MODULE 2-7 are paid (499 DKK per module or all modules for 1999DKK).

If you have purchased a single module and you are unable to attend, you can refund the ticket up to 7 days prior to the event. You are welcome to sell your ticket to a third party.

If you have chosen to get a ‘All in Talent’ Ticket, you have to have paid the 1999DKK prior. CPHUX is all rights to cancel tickets ‘All in Talent’ Tickets if the person signed up have not purchased the ‘All in Talent’ program.

‘All in Talent’ Tickets can NOT be sold on to third parties. It is only valid for the person who purchased the entire ‘All in Talent’ program.

Unlike our other events we are using Ticket Butler to distribute our tickets. They do currently not have the functionality to cancel tickets and therefore we DO accept cancellation via email for all Talent Academy events.

CPHUX is in full right to cancel modules if less than 6 people sign up. This will be done 3 day prior the event. For paid modules, the talent will receive a full refund or get another module for free.

FINALLY, we look forward to seeing you!