About us

our story

In February 2017 Rose Kampmann and Helena Levison had a dream about a place where you as a professional could become even better.
This became was the very start of what today is CPHUX. It takes a stand to all the digital communities and groups, it’s easy to like something online, but we want to bring people together. Make them learn from one another. 
We believe that this, is were synergy truly happens.

how and what

CPHUX is as the name states, focused on the designers in Copenhagen. We hope to start chapters in other cities and have already made the first baby-step in Cluj, Romania with CLJUX. We hope to see a strong network in the future, uniting professionals across boarders, helping companies set up in other cities and that we can have a more cohesive perception of what user experience design is.

In November 2018 CPHUX has proven itself as the Facebook Page focused on UX and Denmark with the most followers. Therefore are we in January 2019 launching the CPHUX Membership. This is for the professionals within the digital design field who wants to give and receive more than a digital community can ever do. For the people who wants to work together, give back to others, learn from others, learn about other people way of working and so on.

Helena Levison


Stefan Lane

Communication Intern

Zsanett Vigh

Digital Designer

Krišjānis Vaiders

Full Stack Developer

Helmut Bloos


Helena Levison


Marius Mic

CPHUX Studio Lead

Helena Levison