What makes user experience UX?

UX is in everything we do. It was coined back in 1993 by Don Norman in 'The Design of Everyday Things.' Today UX is mostly associated with digital products.

A user experience is always influenced by 3 factors. Therefore you'll never find one way to approach your product or service user experience.

USERS / / Who is the target user of your product? What are their dreams, pain points, and reality? What emotional state will they use your service in? Why do they care about your product?

BUSINESS / / What is the business goal you're trying to achieve? How can you make the users see value in your product so they think paying you money is a good investment? How can you build a product that enhances your value proposition?

TECH / / What technology is available that could enhance the user experience while reaching your business goals? What is your team able to execute (dreams versus reality)? What are your users actually able to use, does your current setup make them fail and give up on your product?

The 4 Mindsets of UX Design

UX is an umbrella term with a wide variety of skillsets. We've learned that designers differentiate more by their mindset than their skillset. Therefore we've developed the Mindset Model (also known as the RCAT). Most designers work in all mindsets but typically have 2 they're more passionate about.

RESEARCH / / This mindset drives researchers to go out and gather insights and get a deeper understanding of the challenge. They often do qualitative research– such as interviews or observations.

CONCEPT / / Conceptualizers take the intangible insights from the researchers and turn it into tangible concepts– such as strategies, prototypes or concepts.

ASTHETICS / / This mindset takes the often rough prototypes and makes them visually beautiful. They love pixel pushing and finding that perfect shade of blue.

TECHNICAL / / The Technical UX’er is able to make functional prototypes, set up A/B tests and functional design libraries.


“CPHUX is a great platform to network and to explore more about UX. (...) They regularly organise events that bridge the gap between companies working with UX and other professionals. These events allow people to get familiar with the working process of companies. It is also possible to ask questions directly to companies.”

Dace Lasmane // UX Researcher

Our Talent Academy unites businesses
with the newest UX talents

The Talent Academy is focused on empowering new talents by connecting them to the industry. We started the Talent Academy so we can ensure that new talents present themselves in a professional fashion to companies in a way that companies understand. Once a talent have completed the program they become CPHUX Certified Talents, which means we vouch for them and we will present them to companies scouting for new talents.


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